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How to Set Up Google Search Console Wordpress and Blogger

How to Set Up Google Search Console Wordpress and Blogger

Whether you have an online business, or you are simply a blogger intending to get passive earnings from your website, you want to set up Google Search Console. In this article, we will work collectively step by way of step to set up Google Search Console in a few minutes only.

Search Console Google

This is excellent easy, definitely free, and can be performed in quite a few ways. You simply want to pick what works higher for you.

Trust us, this is the sole information you’ll ever want on how to set up Google Search Console — the proper way.

So let’s get started with search console.

How does Google Search Console help SEO?

Free search engine marketing equipment are many, however, Google Search Console (or GSC) is genuinely one of the pinnacle effective search engine optimization equipment that can assist you to optimize your website’s natural search presence. You may also assume that GSC is used to supply you reviews about clicks and impressions on your site. That’s true, however, this is simply the smallest phase of the story, Google Search Console helps you too.

  • Look which keywords are getting traffic.
  • Add sitemaps.
  • Locate the mistakes on your site.
  • Discover the rank of your pages.
  • Analyze the backlinks of your site.
  • Set an extra mobile-friendly website.
  • Know every time your web page is hacked.

All of these roles and greater are for free if you simply set up Google Search Console, however, how can we do that? Let’s begin together.

How to set up a Google Search Console account?

To set up Google Search Console, observe these steps carefully:

Step 1: Sign up for Google Search Console

To signal-up, you want a Google account. You can use any of your Google debts which you use for Google Analytics, Adwords, and many others or you can create a new one for your business. After all, it is free.

Step 2: Add a property domin (or URL-Prefix)


Now, you simply signed in to your account. It is time to begin the true work. You need to add a property( the property is your commercial enterprise touchdown page, application, etc…). There are two ways for including a property, both via getting into your area or by means of a URL prefix.

All the pointers of professionals advise putting up Google Search Console for the use of a domain, however, each of them is appropriate and easy. We will give an explanation for them step with the aid step.

You should be asking yourself why it is higher to go for the area method.

With the area method, you set up your account as a domain-level property. Thus it consists of your domain, and subdomains as properly as Url and Url Prefix related to your domain.

Select including property type by way of Domain:

  • Write the link to your area ( and click on “Continue.”
  • Select including property through “URL-prefix”:

This approach lets you set up a URL prefix property. In this case, the Google Search console will be related to one version of your web page which is the one you used its link. This will now not supply you with any facts associated with different protocols or subdomains.

If you have no preference to use the first method, then you need to use a URL prefix. However, in this case, you should create a property for all the viable URLs (, ) to warranty getting the correct data. You ought to additionally create a property for every subdomain you use.

Step 3: Verify Your Website

Now, your Google Search Console is ready. You simply have to affirm your internet site and begin gathering data. There are many verification approaches in accordance with the alternative you selected in the preceding step. You can both affirm your internet site for an area property or a URL prefix property.

Verification for a Domain Property

If you select to add a property via the domain, there will be one way to affirm this domain-level property. This will be thru your DNS provider. Just observe these steps:

Try to discover your DNS provider(the corporation you offered your area from) in the dropdown list. If you locate it, click on it. If you do not see its name, click on "Any DNS carrier provider".


  • Click on "Copy" beside the Txt report to replica it.
  • Open your area registrar’s website in a new tab and log in (it is identical to any area registrar’s website like Namecheap, GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc…)
  • Select the area you desire to verify.
  • Find the alternative permitting you to control your DNS information (Look for the point out of "DNS" and click on it, as its place is distinct for every provider).
  • If you are the user of GoDaddy, go to “My Account” and then click on “My Products''. Find your area and pick “DNS” subsequent to it.
  • You will see a listing of all the DNS files of the domain. Leave them and click on the Add button to add the report we copied before.
  • Choose TXT as your DNS type, write @ as the host and go away “TTL” as it is. Now, paste the TXT file into the subject for “TXT Value.” Then click on “Save.”

The equal manner is comparable for all area providers.

Go lower back to the Google Search Console setup then pick out “Verify” to end the process.

You must see this message:

You may additionally no longer see facts without delay as updating DNS archives normally take up to seventy-two hours.

Verification for a URL-prefix Property

In case you do not have to get the right of entry to your domain's registrar or you are concerned about messing with your DNS records, you can nevertheless confirm your property by using putting up Google Search Console the usage of a URL prefix property. This procedure can be completed in many methods as the photo suggests.


Let's see how every approach works:



For this method, you want to get admission to your server by way of cPanel File Manager then add an HTML file to the root folder of your website. This is easy, simply comply with these steps:

  • Download the Html file supplied with the aid of Google Search Console.
  • Go to your website; File manager; public_html of your site.
  • Upload the file as proven in the picture below.
  • Go again to Search Console, and click on “Verify”

HTML Tag: To set up Google Search Console for WordPress

Another accurate way to set up Google Search Console is with an HTML tag which you need to add in the head area of your WordPress.

This is a very convenient way which can be accomplished thru two methods via following these steps:

First step: Copy the tag from Google search console and paste it to the header.php file in your website theme editor.

Second step: Use a plugin that helps you add the tag to the header, you can use yoast plugin.

Most internet site proprietors select to use technique two to keep away from messing up their Html codes. In this case:

  • Copy the tag from Google Search Console.
  • Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Install the plugin which is known as Insert Headers and Footers plugin.
  • open the plugin: Go to Settings>; Insert Headers and Footers.
  • Paste the tag copied beforehand in the “Scripts in Header” field.
  • Go again to Google Search Console then you have to click on “Verify”

Google Analytics


This is the best way in the world. If you have already set up a Google Analytics account and set up a monitoring code on your site, you can set up Google Search Console by using verifying a User-prefix property via opening the Google Analytics verification field and clicking verify. Just see the photograph below:

Google Tag Manager


The approach is comparable to the Google Analytics verification one.

If you are the usage of Google Tag Manager. your site, you can open the Google Tag verification container in Google Search Console and click on verify.

Set up Google Search Console for WordPress

We mentioned above how to affirm Search Console on WordPress the usage of an HTML tag as properly as with the aid of putting in the header plugin. However, you can additionally affirm Google. Search Console the usage of Yoast website positioning and All-in-One search engine optimization through following these steps:

  1. Sign up to Google Search Console and add a URL prefix property as noted above.
  2. Copy the HTML tag supplied in GSC.
  3. For Yoast SEO:

  • All-in-One SEO:
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard> SEO>General.
  • Choose the “Webmaster Tools” tab and paste your tag into the area.
  • Click “Save changes.”

Set up Google Search Console for WordPress

4- For All-in-One SEO:

Open WordPress Dashboard, click on “All in One SEO'' then on General Settings.

Paste the GCS tag into the discipline for Google Webmaster Tools

Click “Update.”

5- Now check Google Search Console then press “Verify.”


With all the techniques stated above, you have no excuse to now not set up Google Search Console and develop your commercial enterprise relying on actual data and reports. You simply have to create a Google Search Console account, add a property and confirm the usage of one of the noted methods. Sounds great, right? Let’s begin today.