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How to Set up Keyword Rank Checker

How to Set up Keyword Rank Checker For Beginners

Keyword Rank Checker

What is keyword rank?

Keyword rank is the measure of a website’s popularity for a given keyword or phrase. It is determined by a website’s ability to rank for that keyword or phrase in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How is keyword rank calculated?

Google calculates a website’s keyword rank by counting the number of pages on the website that include that keyword or phrase. The higher the number of pages, the higher the rank.

How can I improve my keyword rank?

There is no guaranteed way to improve your keyword rank, but a few simple strategies can help, Setting up Keyword Rank Tracking helps you as an internet site proprietor to hold your eye on your website's overall performance as nicely as your rating in  Search Engine.

You set up keyword rank monitoring as soon as you begin enforcing a Website positioning strategy, as this assists you screen your pinnacle key phrases daily. Thus, you will be capable to measure the success of your search engine optimization Strategy so you can work on enhancing it to attain your goal.

How to Set up Keyword Rank Tracking?

To set up keyword rank monitoring on your website, make certain that your Google Search Console is ready. Then, let's observe these steps:

  • Go to Google Search Console page.
  • Find all your rating Keywords the usage of Google Search Console.
  • Open your Google Search Console web page and press “Start now”.

Google Search Console

Open your Gmail related with the Google Search Console Account which is linked to your Domain. Make certain it is the property you wanna check.

Search Console Account

Go to the left aspect menu, and click on “Performance”.

  • ِAt the overall performance section, you will discover which key phrases your area is ranking for. You can additionally take a look at how many “Clicks” are there on every keyword.

Generate document the usage of a free Google Sheets Add-on

  • Using the identical Gmail related to Google Search Console which is linked to your domain, open Google Sheets.

  • Create a new sheet with the aid of clicking on the “+” button.

Google Sheets Add-on

  • Go to the higher menu and click“Add-ons”, then make a new ad-on via clicking “Get add-ons”.


  • You will be directed to the Marketplace to discover your add-on. Write “search analytics for sheets” in the search bar.

search analytics for sheets

  • You will locate something like the photograph below, click on it and press install.

Google data

  • Now, the add-on desires to get admission to your Google data, so simply click on “Allow”.
  • You’ve finished, simply click on “Done”.

Google Spreadsheet

  • Go again to your clean Google Spreadsheet
  • Go once more to “Add-ons”, however, this time choose“Search Analytics for Sheets” then click“Open Sidebar”.

Open Sidebar

  • When it opens, appear at the facet bar on the proper location to see the “Search Analytics for Sheets”.
  • Select your website at the “Verified Site” box. ( the website linked to GSC)
  • Determine the date you wanna tune key phrases within.

Date Range

  • If you see “Default (Web)” in the “Search Type”, then it is ok. If not, make it now.

  • Scroll to the Group by using and picking out “Page” and “Query”.


  • The “Aggregation Type:” must be decided as “Default (auto)”.
Rows returned

  • Choose how many rows at the “Rows returned:” box. For new sites, pick out “Everything”. However, if you have an ancient site, pick out “1000 rows” for getting the most correct results.

  • Choose “Create New Sheet” in the“Results Sheet:” box.

  • Now, we are geared up so simply click on “Request Data”.

Congratulations, when you see the affirmation message, then the entirety is done, and all the important points will exhibit up in your spreadsheet.